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Online estimate
The online estimate allows you in a few minutes to obtain a range of value of your property.
Each online valuation is verified by an advisor who will contact you to confirm or refine the value.
During the first contact, your advisor will be able to refine the market valuation of your property and entrust you with his analysis of your market. Depending on your questions, he will be able to advise you and frame your thinking so that you are serene in your decision-making.
Once the sale decision has been made, your advisor will come to meet with you to take the precise details of your property and give you their final appraisal report. It will also be an opportunity for him to present to you the procedure and strategy chosen for the successful sale of your property.
It's a fact, 98% of buyers use the web for their real estate research. At a time when the abundance of information allows an increasingly short attention time for the user, we have designed our advertisements in order to avoid any frustration during navigation.
Virtual visit, photo file, 3D plans, projection plans and responsiveness are at the service of this principle.
We support you and the buyer during the latest legal and financial procedures, advising you according to the context of each party.
We support you and the buyer during the latest legal and financial procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sell before buying or buy before selling?

SELL BEFORE PURCHASING THE RISKS Financially they are low, however take care to study your purchasing capacities and what the market can offer you for this amount. We know what we are leaving but we don't know what we are finding. This situation is particularly advantageous when you leave an atypical asset […]

Coronavirus: the impact of the crisis on real estate

Given the unprecedented aspect of this crisis, It has often been repeated that no one had the opportunity to offer clear visibility. The man can not bear the vacuum ... the situation is difficult to live. So let's focus on what we know, and more specifically on the residential real estate market in our region. According to the demographic evolution that we know (and which will not be a second scratched by the human toll of the virus) it is planned 600,000 inhabitants in the canton of Geneva for 2030.

Estimate your property online or call on an expert on site?

If you are looking to sell your property, you are going to go through the crucial stage of valuation. Two major trends are emerging in terms of real estate appraisal: estimate your property online or call on a real estate professional. We have deciphered these 2 practices for you so that you can make the right choice. AGENT […]

How to estimate your property?

We base our estimates on 1.) Detailed parameters of your house, apartment or land. 2.) The transaction history of your real estate property 3.) Our experience and knowledge of the real estate market We do not make automatic estimates like many others, but precise estimates validated by an expert during a call.


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